Thursday, March 28, 2013

Are you there?

Just wondering. Seeing that rumor has it that Nostrum Series III, a Very Special (Batch o') Episode(s), AKA the Codswallop Chronicles, will be published shortly, I was wondering if anyone was still hooked up to Nostrum Nation. With the imminent demise of Google Reader, maybe not. But hope springs eternal in the Nostrum fan's breast. Or at least it used to.

That doesn't sound right.

This is just a test. If a new episode of Nostrum was being published at this time, you would be notified by the proper authorities to seek shelter, tune in to an emergency broadcast station, and stay tuned for further information. The Nostrumite and I are just thinking we might want to send up the odd balloon to let people know that, yes, we're still alive, and no, we still have nothing better to do that write Nostrum. Which is a long story in and of itself, which we'll get to eventually.

Meanwhile, keep calm and carry on. We'll keep you posted.