Friday, January 21, 2011

Something of a stand-alone

Every now and then an episode seems to exist entirely for itself. While there's a little bit of Nostrumian ambience in Episode 34, it is the sort of episode you could walk up to someone on the street and give it to them and if they know nothing about Nostrum or debate, they would understand it. They might also have you arrested, but that's another thing altogether. You can listen to it or read it in all the old familiar places.

We almost didn't make it this week. The Nostrumite is totally hung up on Abbot and Costello. You know: Who's on First? "Who's the president of China?" he'll ask. I'll say, "I don't know, who's the president of China?" and he'll say, "No, I Don't Know is the president of North Korea; Hu's the president of China." "That's what I just said. Who's the president of China?" "Hu." "That's what I'm asking you. Who?" "Hu."

You get the picture. These are tough times for people in the Nostrumite's sphere, let me tell you.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

We can't wait for the movies to make us millionaires

After all, vampires are all the rage these days. Shouldn't we be profiting from this? After all, we're as shameless as the next writers. Check it out for yourself either by reading it or by listening to it.

Meanwhile, we almost didn't make it this week. The Nostrumite is in a state of permanent depression over being dissed by the Menickies. "The Most Unwelcome Comeback of 2010? Bah!" The Mite was incensed. "If it wasn't for us, he wouldn't have any high school debate soap operas at all to narrate," he said. "We're the ones keeping him off the streets!" When I pointed out that, if he wanted to, Menick could go back and finish Series One if all he wanted to do was stay off the streets, the lad got even madder. "And that's another thing! Doesn't finish what he's started, and complains about what he has finished. Pfui!"